The Psychology of Covid Reactions?

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I continue to struggle to understand the extent and the polarisation of the global (in the “privileged” world) reactions and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. But in re-reading a 2002 book about romantic relationships (Can Love Last?) this morning I came across this insightful passage which, to me, appears psychologically relevant:

“It is very difficult … for us to come to terms with the stark limitations on the kinds of control it is possible to maintain over our lives and ourselves. Yet we continue to insist, both consciously and unconsciously, that we have more control than we do over our feelings, our relationships, our fates …
A conviction of being in control is central to our sense of safety … the more endangered we feel, the more control we seek …
Freud’s phrase for such fantasies … was ‘onmipotence of thought’, and we are just as committed to omnipotence today as were Freud’s contemporaries.”

Stephen A. Mitchell

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