Covid-19 & Telehealth

“Telehealth” Sessions
With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Medicare have been paying rebates for all Australians (with a valid Doctor’s Referral and Mental Health Care Plan – see my Fees & Referrals page) who consult with their psychologists via telephone or via tele-video link. Medicare have called these sessions “Telehealth” sessions and as at the end of 2021 Medicare made Telehealth sessions a permanent feature.
The cost of Telehealth sessions are the same as regular consultations.

An Important Recommendation for Telehealth Sessions:
Part of what enhances the benefits of counselling is the “safe space” provided by the psychologist and the separateness and quiet confidentiality of the therapeutic room. I would therefore strongly advise all of my clients to make sure that for your 50 mins of Telehealth counselling (& 10 mins of admin) with me, that you will be in a space that is as free as possible from external interruptions. It would be best to notify your family members that you will be unavailable for the hour of your session. If you have young children who might require (or demand!) your attention during a session, it would be ideal if you were able to ensure that another adult is available to look after them.