Fees, Rebates & Referrals


Robin’s standard session rates, without any rebates applied, vary between $215 and $250 depending on the nature of the counselling requested. In addition to the various rebates that you can receive, as described below, Concession Rates (eg. Healthcare Card) are also sometimes applicable; however, you will need to discuss concessions with Robin directly. The current standard fee recommended by the Australian Psychological Society is $267


If your G.P (or psychiatrist) has assessed you as eligible and has registered a Mental Health Care Plan for you with Medicare, the minimum rebate that you will receive is $129.55, leaving you about $85 out-of-pocket. If you have reached the required level of your Medicare Safety Net, you will receive a greater rebate. In order to receive your rebate, you will need to have a valid referral letter from your Doctor (preferably addressed to Robin Prag). To ensure that your referral and Care Plan is in order and to ensure that you receive your rebate on the day of your appointment, please ask your General Practitioner, or the Medical Centre Admin staff, to fax the referral through to Robin on 08 6210-1436 or else to email it to:robinpragpsychology


If you do not wish to use the Medicare system but prefer to claim back from your Private Health Fund, you would need to check with your Health Insurer whether the cover you have with them includes Psychology or Clinical Psychology or Counselling. If so, Robin will then provide you with an invoice to claim back from your Health Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: The system does NOT allow individuals to claim BOTH Medicare AND Private Health rebates for the SAME service (session). MEDICARE provides a rebate for 10 individual sessions per calendar year; your Private Health Fund can then be used to claim any sessions more than the 10.


If you are seeking counselling in relation to a Worker’s Compensation Claim that you have filed, and you have been referred by your G.P. or by your Rehab Provider, this does not automatically mean that your Insurer will pay for your sessions. If you do not have written authorization from your Insurer for sessions of clinical psychology, this will need to be arranged beforehand, otherwise you might be liable to pay the full session fee yourself.


Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long; the additional 10 minutes that make up the “therapy hour” are used to process the session payment, for the submission of rebates, and for the booking of follow-up appointments. Payment is made at the beginning of each session.