New Clients Please Note wait times:

Please note that the wait-time for an appointment with me if you have never seen me before currently varies between about 4-6 months.
I realise that most clients seeking a psychologist want more immediate assistance; unfortunately, since the onset of the Covid pandemic, Australia-wide there is a shortage of psychological help, and most well-established psychologists have long waitlists.
To find another psychologist with sooner availability, the best option is to ask your GP; alternatively, you could try the APS’s “find a psychologist service”: https://www.psychology.org.au/Find-a-Psychologist
If in spite of the above you want to wait for an appointment with me, please send me an email via the online contact form on this website.

Robin Prag: Professional Overview

Robin Prag qualified as a Clinical Psychologist over 20 years ago and brings with him a wealth of professional and personal knowledge and experience – all of which he utilizes to help his clients in overcoming their life difficulties and circumstance challenges. Robin is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, as well as with the Australian Psychological Society, and has worked in Western Australia since 2004.

In Perth, Robin initially worked at Relationships Australia and Davidson Trahaire Corpsych – a national EAP where he subsequently became the WA State Counselling Manager. Prior to Robin’s transition to Private Practice with Kingsway Counselling Clinic in 2008, he worked in a Senior capacity for both Edith Cowan University  and for Centrecare Corporate.

Robin specializes in helping adults for the full range of personal, relationship and mental health difficulties; but relationship challenges, depression & anxiety, trauma & acute stress, loss & grief, and life phase problems are some of the more common areas he deals with. Robin also provides clinical supervision to other Mental Health professionals.

Although Robin’s approach is rooted firmly in evidence-based practice,  he also takes into account the individual’s unique physical, social, interpersonal and spiritual circumstances. It is through such a holistic approach that Robin believes he can best assist his clients to move forward through their personal, work-related, or relationship difficulties.

Robin uses a wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches (eg. CBT / Emotion Focused / Sensori-motor/ Solution-focused therapy) depending on the needs of the client and on the nature of the problematic issues. However, Robin also places considerable emphasis on building a meaningful therapeutic relationship with his clients because (as is evident from the meta-studies of what it is about psychotherapy that helps people to improve their lives) psychological growth and mental health results from more than just “technique” – as per the pie-chart below: